Rick Latona

Entrepreneur, Fund Manager & Angel Investor


Entrepreneur, Fund Manager & Angel Investor


Latona’s LLC


Rick Latona is a 20-year veteran in the Internet industry. He’s a graduate of the prestigious OPM Management program at Harvard Business School. He owns a private equity fund, SiteMatrix.com, which invests more than $1 million each month in domain names and the largest brokerage of established websites with cash-flow, Latona’s LLC. Earlier in his career he held founders shares in Interland, Inc, a hosting company, which was once the largest in the world, it went public in 2000 (NASDAQ INLD) and is now Web.com (NASDAQ WWWW). Rick was there from 1996 through 2001 and managed the explosive growth in sales from startup through the IPO.

There is a tool that finance professionals use to green light or red light an investment. It’s called the Net Present Value calculation. It will help you determine if you are creating wealth or destroying wealth, before you start a business, buy a business, launch a new product, buy a building, etc. In this presentation, we will show you the quick version of the hard way and the very quick version of the easy way to get to the result. Within 20 minutes you’ll know enough to be dangerous.

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