Leslie Nance

Creator of Go2Kitchens.com


Kitchen coach, Real Food Expert & Recipe Guru




If I were given the choice to do it again with no cancer diagnosis, I would say no! Cancer is the best thing that has ever happen to me! I love my lump!

Cancer free for over 3 years Leslie now teaches others how to be empowered in their health, to be the CEO of their own bodies and health. She believes a healthy lifestyle can only start in one place…your kitchen. So she teaches kitchen skills, real food cooking and invents tasty easy recipes. “Your kitchen is where the real change takes place, its magic!” As a cancer survivor she is on a mission to help millions of people have a light bulb moment in their lives before a devastating diagnosis happens.

Live Streaming helps her share her message in a real and authentic way. “My business has tripled since I have been using live streaming apps. The connection with my audience is real and authentic and I love that it is the future of good business practices.

Visit her at www.go2kitchens.com/